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Project Description
Words come easy :)
This is simple program which helps to learn new words in not user native language. No installation is required. Simply unpack zip and run executable file: WordsAsap.exe (in Win7/Win8 in some views marked as Application type file).
The program, when minimized (the icon still present in systray bar) displays in regular (defined by user) intervals (minutes) the dialog with randomly selected word from user words collection. Dialog can be resized and repositioned, every next time the dialog will be open in last location with last size.
Programm gives also to the user the means to edit his words collection (add, modify, remove a word). The words collection is stored in single file in a location specified by user. There is no need to connect to internet, although the file with user words collection can be stored on OneDrive or Google Drive which gives the user portability (the program can be installed on several machines - e.g. work, home pc - and use the same words collection).

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