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WordsAsap is very simple application.
To run it just launch it from Desktop shortcut (should be available after default installation) or from its instalation location (Program Files(x86)).
After start the default page of the program shows up:

In New word field new word can be entered.
In Translations field translation can be entered
Multiple translations can be entered for single word.
Save button stores word and its translations in words collection.
To view current words colletion go to Dictionary page (click Dictionary text next to Home )

To update word translations (e.g. after saving word in words collections) enter the same word name in New word field and enter new translations, then save the word. If the word exists already in words colleciton it will be updated.
To remove a translation from already stored word, or remove a word with its translations go to Dictionary page and find the word using search box:
WordsAsap dictionary.jpg

If a word contain more than one translation, only the first entered is displayed. To see other translations expand row with the word (using button on the begining of the word). This alows also to remove a translation from the stored word. To remove word use x button on the end of the word line:

After minimizing the WordsAsap (by minimize button) the program will hide from taskbar and will be available only on systray:

On the given time intervals the program will display a ballon tip with a word from the collection:
or dialog (depends on settings):

To restore the main view, click on the icon in SysTray.
After minimizing main view a random word will show up with specified interval as a dialog or balloontip (close to the SysTray). To change the interval and display method (as dialog or balloon) it is neccessary to go to the WordsAsap settings. To do that open WordsAsap main view (not the popup dialog or balloon) - if it is minimized go to SysTray and click the WordsAasp icon.
Then click SETTINGS word (right top on the window). Settings page will shows up.
To change appearance select some options on Settings Appereance page.
Changes are saved automatically (if anything changes).
To change the way a word to learn is displayed:




To change some behaviour settings (word show interval and method) select Behaviour page (by clicking BEHAVIOUR word - on the left side of the screen):

To change words show up interval, change value of Time interval of word dialog value.

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